2017 cosmetic surgery figures in the UK make for interesting reading

From breasts to abs, to lips and hips, plastic surgery is a grown trend. Social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook have become a window for famous to upload their pictures and show the world their perfect bodies, skins, and faces. Followers all around the globe are willing to pay hundreds, even thousands of euros in order to look like the famous people they follow.

A few years ago, cosmetic surgery was reserved for women, or at least that was a common belief. However, social media pressure has shifted this business to men, who prefer to invest in this kind of procedures especially on their faces, while women undergo cosmetic surgery for several parts of their bodies being breasts more common in the UK.

In 2017, cosmetic surgery figures in the UK make for interesting reading due to the increase in these type of clinical procedures. Athletic abs, undetectable breast implants, treatments, non-surgical ear pinning, and leg shaping are considered to be the most popular cosmetic surgery figures in the UK by 2017. People spend a range from £250 up to £6,500 for these procedures. In the UK, approximately 8,2% of women who undergo cosmetic surgery do it for a breast augmentation, while in men the highest percentage does it for a rhinoplasty.

Even though cosmetic surgery figures are trendy, non-surgical procedures are increasing at an important rate due to their non-invasive techniques. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) in 2017, the number of cosmetic surgical procedures has decreased by 8% compared with 2016 data. The reason?

The growing tendency for less invasive procedures for the same result. Nonetheless, this kind of medical surgery is a new trend for cosmetic procedures, which is why new kinds of surgery are starting to be more popular among those who want to enhance their body using medicine as a means. For instance, abdominoplasties are up while liposuction is decreasing, whether you’re looking at Manchester cosmetic surgery or any other service in the UK.

It is just a matter of time for these trends to change and continue to adapt to our social media world. For now, we will continue seeing crazy cosmetic surgery addicts by those seeking physical perfection without hitting the gym but instead the surgical table sometimes more than once. If you are thinking on undergoing into one of these procedures, make sure you do it with a certified professional who is accredited by a known medical faculty.