Eat Healthy, Eat Italian

When considering your next dining experience, why not consider opting for an Italian restaurant instead of a steak house or burger joint? Not only is the Italian cuisine scrumptious and great on the taste buds, but it also has its health benefits. Let’s break this down and hopefully we can win you over…

Popular Italian Dishes Typically Contain the Following Ingredients:

Tomato: Great for calcium, potassium and has 0 grams of cholesterol

Rosemary & Thyme: Improves digestion, protects against macular degeneration, enhances memory and concentration, as well as providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds

Beef: Rich in minerals, increases testosterone periodically, great source of L-carnitine which helps with muscle recovery

Chicken: High in protein and low in fat, stress reliever, immunity boost

Pasta: Glucose to fuel brain and muscles, cholesterol free

Bread: fibre, source of iron, calcium for healthy bones and teeth

Milk: Potassium helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level, good source of protein

Cheese: Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 for improved sleep, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2

Garlic: Can combat sickness, including the common cold, contains selenium, which is good for your hair, vitamin B6 which is great for sleep, rich in vitamin C and manganese

DghDgh is an Italian restaurant based in Chester proudly boasting the best pizza in Chester.  Serving all the Italian classics from freshly baked bruschetta, to perfectly executed chicken carbonara, vegan pizzas and meaty classics.

With a selection of authentic Italy wine, even the Roman Senate would be giving Dough Dough a big thumbs up! There is also a large selection of quirky gourmet cider beverages, which is always a good temptation to have – if I do say so myself!

We aren’t aiming for the taste of ‘Little Italy’, this isn’t a slice of pizza joint like the ones shown on the HBO Sopranos, Dough Dough is a classic Trattoria oozing with personality, you won’t catch Tony Soprano here, that’s for sure.

DghDgh are also partnered with Deliveroo and can deliver to your door provided you’re within the Chester City centre radius, a night in watching the football with friends never sounded so good, huh?

With friendly, attentive staff and native Italian chefs recreating the traditional taste and preparation of the food, what isn’t to like?! With a healthy

We hope to see you very soon. Stay fit, stay healthy, say Dough Dough.